A Revolutionary Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Now there is a solution to treat the non-healing diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) and give patients the lasting results they need. Enabled by the Tenex Health TX System and new TX-Bone MicroTip, it is the only technology that:

  • Minimally invasively treats the cause of the ulcer at its root, not just its symptoms
  • Enables fast wound healing, in just one treatment
  • Gives lasting results without recurrence

New Clinical Documentation:

Subcutaneous Ultrasonic Needle Treatment for Chronic Refractory Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Independently authored by Drs. Christopher Bromley, DPM, Lewis Freed, DPM, and Devon Glazer, DPM, with support from Trice Medical

We are excited to present an extensively researched white paper documenting the procedural safety, efficacy, and reproducibility of treating diabetic foot ulcers with the Tenex Health TX® System. The study also discusses the technique, procedure guidelines, and rationale. Click to read.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Before and After TreatmentBefore and after images: Lewis H. Freed, DPM, FACFAS, Mesa, AZ, Jan 21, 2020.4,*

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TX-Bone is FDA-cleared for treating DFU.

The Burden of the Disease

Until now, treatments for diabetic foot ulcers were ineffective, with a recurrence rate in patients as high as 65%.1 A significant 40-80% of diabetic foot ulcers became infected.2 Over 25% of patients required amputation.3

DFU Clinical Experience

Patients treated with the TX System show fast wound healing and an extremely low incidence of recurrence.4,*

A Solution to Recurrence

Achieving full wound healing is one of the most challenging aspects for many patients. Other treatments result in high recurrence rates of 40-65%, whereas TX-Bone has shown less than 5% recurrence in the patients treated.

Additional Benefits

The Tenex Health TX System with TX-Bone MicroTip offer DFU patients additional benefits, including:

  • A minimally invasively, subcutaneous procedure performed through a small incision
  • Spares healthy soft tissue while cutting and removing the diseased tissue
  • Safe for patients
  • Quick procedure time
  • Only one procedure required
  • Effective for many types of ulcers
  • Uses local anesthetic
  • Performed in an out-patient setting
  • Decreases the cost of care

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*Studies were the independent work of the participating physicians and were not promoted by Tenex Health, Inc. in any way. Tenex Health, Inc. does not promote use of the TX1 MicroTip or TX2 MicroTip for the treatment of hard tissue pathology or diabetic foot ulcers. The TX-Bone (TXB) MicroTip was developed, indicated, and FDA cleared for the treatment of hard tissue pathology and diabetic foot ulcers.